Guidelines for participation

The “Principles of Light Induced Charge Transfer for Optogenetics” virtual workshop will use the Zoom platform. The easiest way to join the workshop is to have the latest version of Zoom installed on your computer and an updated profile. However, it is not mandatory to have a Zoom account to join the workshop or to have the Zoom app installed, you can join the meeting via browser.

Joining the workshop

Before the workshop, you will receive an email from the organizers with the workshop URL link. Once you join the workshop, you will enter the Zoom Waiting Room and the workshop organizers will let you enter the workshop if your name is on the expected list of participants. This prevents unauthorised parties from trying to enter the workshop. If your name does not appear on the participant list, then unfortunately you won’t be granted admission. It is important to ensure your Zoom screen name is the name you used to register for the workshop and not a nickname or, for example, “John’s iPad” or “Mary’s Phone”. Given the high number of registered participants, the organizers might need some minutes to let you in. If you disconnect during the workshop, try rejoining and the workshop organizers will let you in from the waiting room. If you are still having difficulty, email

During the workshop, keep your microphone muted unless you’re speaking. That will prevent unwanted interruptions due to background noise. We encourage you to use your video, so that we can create the feel of a workshop.

Questions & Answers

After each invited talk and after each contributed talks session (i.e., four 5 minutes contributed talks) there will be 5 minutes for asking questions to speakers.

To ask or answer a question or be part of a discussion you can either:

• use the “Raise hand” tool: click on the icon at the bottom of the Participant list and this places a raised hand next to the participant’s name. When asked from the workshop organizers, you then unmute and speak. Remember to mute again when you have finished.
• type your request to ask a question in the private chat with the workshop organizers. When asked to speak, you then unmute. Remember to mute again when you have finished.

Breakout rooms

There will be breakout rooms during coffee and lunch breaks (lunch break is scheduled only on June 16th).

During the breakout room time, participants will have the opportunity to discuss, share ideas and deepen the topics discussed during the sessions and to meet other participants. We warmly encourage you to join the breakout room during the workshop breaks. Upon request, additional breakout rooms can be created by the organizers to allow discussion within a smaller group of participants.

• Joining breakout rooms: you will see an invitation to join – click to accept.
• Who is in the room: you will only see and speak with/listen to your room members.
• Asking for help: you can ask the workshop organizers to join the room for help.
• Leaving the room: you can leave the room at any time. The workshop organizers will close the rooms at the end of the break. This will be indicated by a message box with a countdown from 60 seconds.


Participants are required to respect the privacy of others and refrain from any unauthorized or unwelcomed recording or photography, including recording of any direct or indirect interactions or electronic messaging. Participants are not allowed to take photos, videos or screenshots of presentation materials shown. Participants are not allowed to post images or videos online without permission.